Imagining Different Worlds: Gaming, Dealing With “Baked-In Setting Racism,” and A Want For Change

A friend of mine and I talked about decisions by other staff members or administration on a gaming server. She threw in the comment about how some places out there are hard to budge on changing or at the least introducing new stories. Sometimes, they are impossible to budge on even acknowledging existing nuances where these stories can flourish, even when you point out in source material how it can work. This is especially the case when trying to make stories about astereotypical depictions of a monster race. Her comment was, with utter sarcasm, “Can’t lose that setting flavor of baked-in racism.” Harsh.

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Multiracialism Is Not A Trend: Don’t Treat It As Such

Image, a crowd of multiple folks, by Malcolm Garrett.

This blog post is definitely late to the news. As I have indicated in my post about owning up to my passing privilege, I am still new to social justice compared to many others. Just because I did research on one corner of it years ago, and was a secretary for a student organization that advocated for it, does not mean I was as much in as I am now. Only this past year or two have I really fully owned to working on social justice, and I have a lot of catching up to do yet. Continue reading “Multiracialism Is Not A Trend: Don’t Treat It As Such”

Deliberations: Long-Term Effects of Colonialism Through Time

I received some feedback on my blog post, Deliberations: More Courageous Conversations About Cultural Appropriation, and How to Handle Criticisms. Over all, it was positive. However, there were some points of criticism that I received, and want to take a moment to acknowledge and address. To this end, I am writing a small blurb regarding the long-term effects of colonialism through time in relation to cultural appropriation and historical, cultural erasure. Continue reading “Deliberations: Long-Term Effects of Colonialism Through Time”

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