Multiracialism Is Not A Trend: Don’t Treat It As Such

Image, a crowd of multiple folks, by Malcolm Garrett.

This blog post is definitely late to the news. As I have indicated in my post about owning up to my passing privilege, I am still new to social justice compared to many others. Just because I did research on one corner of it years ago, and was a secretary for a student organization that advocated for it, does not mean I was as much in as I am now. Only this past year or two have I really fully owned to working on social justice, and I have a lot of catching up to do yet. Continue reading “Multiracialism Is Not A Trend: Don’t Treat It As Such”

Owning Up in the Beginning of 2019: Because I have Erred

So, I endeavor to apologize genuinely when I have, unintentionally or otherwise, caused harm to people through actions or ignorance. While I do try for respect for fellow human beings, and also trying to gradually work on social justice related work now, there had been times I was not on board with it. Other times, I have been part of the problem, even if unintentionally. Here I am, coming clean about it. Continue reading “Owning Up in the Beginning of 2019: Because I have Erred”

Deliberations: Long-Term Effects of Colonialism Through Time

I received some feedback on my blog post, Deliberations: More Courageous Conversations About Cultural Appropriation, and How to Handle Criticisms. Over all, it was positive. However, there were some points of criticism that I received, and want to take a moment to acknowledge and address. To this end, I am writing a small blurb regarding the long-term effects of colonialism through time in relation to cultural appropriation and historical, cultural erasure. Continue reading “Deliberations: Long-Term Effects of Colonialism Through Time”

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