Owning Up in the Beginning of 2019: Because I have Erred

So, I endeavor to apologize genuinely when I have, unintentionally or otherwise, caused harm to people through actions or ignorance. While I do try for respect for fellow human beings, and also trying to gradually work on social justice related work now, there had been times I was not on board with it. Other times, I have been part of the problem, even if unintentionally. Here I am, coming clean about it. Continue reading “Owning Up in the Beginning of 2019: Because I have Erred”

Cultural (Mis)Appropriation of Kali’s Rage: A Perspective

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“Salutations be to you, O Narayani, you who have the power of creation, sustentation, and destruction and are eternal. You are the substratum and embodiment of the three gunas. Salutations be to you, O Narayani, O you who are intent on saving the dejected and distressed that take refuge under you. O you, Devi, who remove sufferings of all.” (Devi Mahatmya, 11:11-12)

A few weeks ago during one of the more recent tumultuous periods of American politics, online protesters started to black out their Facebook profiles. In the process, I noticed something rather concerning when I peeked in a discussion on the topic. Continue reading “Cultural (Mis)Appropriation of Kali’s Rage: A Perspective”

Decolonizing [My] Literature, Part I: Asian Courtesans and Folklore

Comment: Image from Manjeet Singh Yadav at Pexels.com.

After reading several articles and reflecting back on my own limited scholarship in South Asian Religion, I had considered the many ways I could approach the prospect of decolonizing our literature; more importantly, how to decolonize mine. This sort of endeavor is both rewarding and challenging in its own right. Continue reading “Decolonizing [My] Literature, Part I: Asian Courtesans and Folklore”

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