Owning Up in the Beginning of 2019: Because I have Erred

So, I endeavor to apologize genuinely when I have, unintentionally or otherwise, caused harm to people through actions or ignorance. While I do try for respect for fellow human beings, and also trying to gradually work on social justice related work now, there had been times I was not on board with it. Other times, I have been part of the problem, even if unintentionally. Here I am, coming clean about it. Continue reading “Owning Up in the Beginning of 2019: Because I have Erred”

To Show More Compassion

Comments: Image is a courtesy of George Becker via Pexels.com.

I feel like a broken record on this topic of compassion and balancing it with healthy boundaries, but a recent documentary I watched by Deeyah Khan reminded me of the importance of it. The way she is able to press extremists to answer hard questions, whether they are white nationalists or extremists from her own community, is unbelievable (in a good way). Continue reading “To Show More Compassion”

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