Some Good News? Library of Congress Subject Headings

There is some bittersweet news that came the past few weeks, that I had yet to address.

To be clear, I am downplaying how yucky I still feel over the latest current events regarding the verdict of the Rittenhouse case. My game-scheduled event was also unpleasant because I was still trying to recover. Nonetheless, I am on the lookout for future protests I can go in opposition to white supremacy and this country’s direction, especially hearing that our current president seems to act like things are working as intended (instead of disappointed in how things should be). Yes, people have told me it is risky now, but I need to do the right thing (even if imperfectly). It is neither the first nor last protesting I can and do because of the consequences of silence.

In light of this news, in addition to the gaming community starting to show hints of resistance to white supremacy, my profession is starting to, as well.

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Which is My Country, Part II: For White(r) Allies Who Died in Activism

So, my latest post led to response about how I focused a lot on my pain to where I came across as seeking attention for my post regarding my thoughts on Kyle Rittenhouse. Many white allies understood that I tied it to the bigger picture that addresses systemic abuse and the past decades to the now. I intended to address what people could or could not get away with, so I centered black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) a lot. Many of them have died in the movement for equal rights and will not reach headlines.

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Tangent Alert: Questioning Decisions in Playing Multiplayers

I have hesitated writing about this because some who pay attention to my blog while also knowing where I play games might know what I am talking about. This is not a post of me betraying confidence and friends, so I will keep names and some identifying details out, still, even with that. Nonetheless, I am starting to question if I should have come back.

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