Allyship in the Gaming Community: A Work in Progress (Part I)

Content Warning: racial stereotypes, colonial propaganda against natives

I had an experience that frustrated me enough to almost ragequit playing at a gaming server I spent fourteen years inside, with a few hiatuses in between. People I have known for fourteen years, people I had confided in a lot about some of the struggles these past few years with the amplified visibility of racism that has been in this country for years but now more are more emboldened to act on, gave an interaction to me that left me feeling hurt. It was not on purpose, and I am not calling them terrible people or avowed racists. I want that clear for anyone who might know who I speak about.

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Tangent Alert: Questioning Decisions in Playing Multiplayers

I have hesitated writing about this because some who pay attention to my blog while also knowing where I play games might know what I am talking about. This is not a post of me betraying confidence and friends, so I will keep names and some identifying details out, still, even with that. Nonetheless, I am starting to question if I should have come back.

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June 2021 Update: ALA Virtual, Family Moving Woes

Here is another update, everyone! I did say I am going to try harder to keep up with the blog activity.

First, I added a new story called A “Tribal” Look: What Does That Really Mean? It is not a unique critique or discussion, really, but it feels like it has not been had enough. In an ideal world, I would not want it to happen. Yet, some of the same stereotypes in pop-culture, media, and video gaming seem still perpetuated. I promise anything negative said in here is said with love and a place of hoping to increase understanding on a topic!

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