Tangent Alert: Questioning Decisions in Playing Multiplayers

I have hesitated writing about this because some who pay attention to my blog while also knowing where I play games might know what I am talking about. This is not a post of me betraying confidence and friends, so I will keep names and some identifying details out, still, even with that. Nonetheless, I am starting to question if I should have come back.

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June 2021 Update: ALA Virtual, Family Moving Woes

Here is another update, everyone! I did say I am going to try harder to keep up with the blog activity.

First, I added a new story called A “Tribal” Look: What Does That Really Mean? It is not a unique critique or discussion, really, but it feels like it has not been had enough. In an ideal world, I would not want it to happen. Yet, some of the same stereotypes in pop-culture, media, and video gaming seem still perpetuated. I promise anything negative said in here is said with love and a place of hoping to increase understanding on a topic!

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