Allyship in the Gaming Community: A Work in Progress (Part I)

Content Warning: racial stereotypes, colonial propaganda against natives

I had an experience that frustrated me enough to almost ragequit playing at a gaming server I spent fourteen years inside, with a few hiatuses in between. People I have known for fourteen years, people I had confided in a lot about some of the struggles these past few years with the amplified visibility of racism that has been in this country for years but now more are more emboldened to act on, gave an interaction to me that left me feeling hurt. It was not on purpose, and I am not calling them terrible people or avowed racists. I want that clear for anyone who might know who I speak about.

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Things That Make the Work Hard (I Am Likely Preaching to the Choir For Some)

Content Warning: humiliation, gaslighting, racial stereotypes and violence

So, I have joined some mailing lists that can help alert me to the ongoings of my current home state. Before, I was struggling to get out of my mental health slump, something that is still a work in progress. I seek therapy for a reason because I am well aware I am far from the most “put-together” person out there. I am transparent about this because of trying to be authentic, not because I have it the worse (I know there is worse).

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Some Good News? Library of Congress Subject Headings

There is some bittersweet news that came the past few weeks, that I had yet to address.

To be clear, I am downplaying how yucky I still feel over the latest current events regarding the verdict of the Rittenhouse case. My game-scheduled event was also unpleasant because I was still trying to recover. Nonetheless, I am on the lookout for future protests I can go in opposition to white supremacy and this country’s direction, especially hearing that our current president seems to act like things are working as intended (instead of disappointed in how things should be). Yes, people have told me it is risky now, but I need to do the right thing (even if imperfectly). It is neither the first nor last protesting I can and do because of the consequences of silence.

In light of this news, in addition to the gaming community starting to show hints of resistance to white supremacy, my profession is starting to, as well.

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