Updates: September 4, 2019

Hi everyone!

While I went through my individual blog posts to figure out which ones I wanted to categorize under my essays section, and site news section, I have also taken the time to edit a couple of my personal essays. I have updated them with either a postscript to add clarity or update the post, or I have modified the essay itself to add some clarity on topics requiring more nuance. Below are some of the particular posts. Continue reading “Updates: September 4, 2019”

September 2, 2019: Labor Day Updates!

Hello, everyone! As of Labor Day weekend, I started to organize my page and took advantage of the feature allowing me to organize the menu by categories (yay!). This saved me from having to do full-on HTML and make completely separate pages. I may yet do this for select sections, depending on how much the site expands in time.

I also decided to make a separate category for News. Continue reading “September 2, 2019: Labor Day Updates!”

Visiting California: Call to Home – To Stand With Family

Asian Garden Mall in Westminster, California.

July 2, 2019. I stepped out of the terminal of the John Wayne Airport, having a glimpse of Santa Ana for the first time in thirteen years. I hardly recognized it, yet it felt familiar still. My uncle (once removed) waited for me, as did my Grand Aunt, or “Auntie” as my mother called her. We walked out of the airport, my hand in hers. Continue reading “Visiting California: Call to Home – To Stand With Family”

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