Updates: September 4, 2019

Hi everyone!

While I went through my individual blog posts to figure out which ones I wanted to categorize under my essays section, and site news section, I have also taken the time to edit a couple of my personal essays. I have updated them with either a postscript to add clarity or update the post, or I have modified the essay itself to add some clarity on topics requiring more nuance. Below are some of the particular posts.

Wait, What is White-Passing/Light-Skinned Privilege? It’s Complicated

I made sure to clarify further in a sentence or two that having light-skinned/white privilege means having nowhere near the same level of racism and the oppressive forces that affect less ethnically ambiguous people.

Not Commonly Treated as White Does Not Mean Never Passing: It Counts in Colorism

Similar corrections as the article above.

Deliberations: Long-Term Effects of Colonialism Through Time

I added some references to the bibliography. As I promised in the article.

Deliberations: More Courageous Conversations About Cultural Appropriation, And How to Handle Criticisms

I added a point of clarity about how “appreciation” should never be made an excuse to appropriate something. The two concepts are born from different places, appropriation and the justification of it from a sense of entitlement. Also making clear while appreciation exists, it is questionable someone can appreciate a culture seen as inferior.

Just wanted to make sure I updated anything in my essay section to be as nuanced as required for the topics handled.


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