To Be Not Forsaken

Cast out, desolate –
Seeking, the way –
To illuminating glades,
Among the Heavens.

Searching, for us –
Longing, for love –
Discerning, the true –
Communal embrace.

Reflecting, on your stars,
Wistful, for all that is you.
Kneeling, in my prayer,
Memories, of my longing.

Oh gods, pray hear us –
I plea be not Forsaken.
Deliver us from,
That which curst, thus.

Oh, beloved mother,
If you will know me,
Illuminate the path –
Of my deliverance.

I now know, what has past –
As slave to the sorrow.
The folly, my soul’s sin –
Whilst seeking purity.

Oh, how I so love her,
She who makes me free.
Where shall I turn –
To stars; for liberation?

Will I ever find her,
Beyond the night sky?
She whose compassion,
Would never ever falter.

I know, how to do without,
My path I tread alone.
The secrets, to hold down,
Never to be fulfilled truly.

Yet there are so many,
Who struggle more than I.
Who have lost their way,
To the Path of Their Grace.

Gods, pray help us –
May we be not Forsaken.
You know better,
The truth, of our refrain.

“To Be Not Forsaken” in its existing, expressed form, is copyrighted by Arya H. “Mariam,” formerly Arya H. “Kalarathri.” (As of July 13, 2019, I changed my pen name.) All rights reserved. © 2017

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