A New Beginning for the Imaginarium

It has been almost four years since I made my first post on this site. Only today, after much deliberation, have I decided to make it live. The feeling right after clicking that single box was akin to being thrown on the stage for the first time. Somehow at thirty two years of age, I find myself delving into unfamiliar terrain.

Still. Having a website is nothing foreign to me. I played with my first HTML document at fourteen years old and learned how to manipulate CSS code at sixteen. Ever since, I have occasionally flirted with web design. Four years ago, I decided to both make and stick with having my WordPress blog. Initially, I made the content a pile of experimental slush, never to see the eyes of any living being short of the few privy to my private world. My writing was treated as a guilty pleasure more than a matter of being, let alone pride.

It was only in the past year have I really considered my relationship to my pen, and the sheets that it would inevitably touch. With an inner editor as loud as a thunderstorm above the Flatirons, it became a new challenge to both accept it while overcoming it. Everyday is a new, yet exciting task put forth by circumstance and that ever persistent voice in my head. Never is it a war won, but a battle to triumph.

Knowing that every step is a process of its own, where the when and if is ever uncertain at the end of the road, I am here. I do as Elizabeth Taylor has advised generations to approach life, of which is not excluded from the creative process.

I do it. When I fall, I force myself to get up and put one foot before the other. By all that is, I have to refuse letting it get to me. I fight, cry, and curse, even to the point of breaking. Then at the end of it all, I go about doing it – the business of living and writing. This is something many must learn to do (partly from paraphrased quote by Elizabeth Taylor).


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