Articles and resources on writing about other cultures, and decolonizing literature

In the process of modifying and editing my novel, I have been doing some research on some concepts that are relatively universal for stories while trying to slowly get away from a purely West-centric worldview. My original world setting will invariably be a hybrid setup, but I want to make sure while doing this, I have some not-human, while not-Western mythological inspired creatures done right while still connecting people to some familiar things. By extension, I also am trying to make other marginalized groups have a voice in the writing that does not reduce them to a symbol or conduit for a traditionally masculine/Western/cis gender/etc role. And yes — I very well intend to have them as the main characters of the story saving a colonized city-state over the colonizers saving the day. How that looks, well — one day I might have the work published!

Still, I want to be mindful and make sure I will not make a work that will isolate the cultures whose stories inspired my own. I came across some very wonderful links by a YA author and a friend of a friend, Shveta Thakrar (I never met her, but was introduced to her writings by my friend). A lot of the materials she has written on the subject are well done, and she is very encouraging on the topic!

I can only hope I do justice to this all as someone born in the United States. When I start fleshing out my own page more, I will likely be posting some of these links in my resources. Until then, enjoy the resources from this blog post, none of which I fear I can do justice in this very post.




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