End-of-the-month September 2018 update

So, a lot of things have happened, and this post will be quite informal compared to others you have seen on my blog.

I am having a dermatologist check an unusual mole on my right ear. She does not seem worried, so that is the good news. The bad news, of course, is I will not hear one way or another for 7 to 10 days, so I am still not in the clear. That, combined with some additional errands, going to events, and so forth, I have not made as much progress on my second novel as I wanted. Curveballs regarding potential future for my health had more an impact on me than I care to admit, though I certainly will learn to deal, one way or another.

On the upside, I have dropped a few more pounds without even trying too hard. I have just resorted to keeping physically active in my self-defense classes and eating considerately. I am hoping to soon crank up on one of these fronts after I have some progress on my health updates. In addition to the odd mole I noted, I have weak knees I found out, too, recently, which I am trying to rectify without screws or steroids.

I am hoping around the beginning of October, and no later, my first novel will also be done with the beta-reading phase. When that happens, I will be starting my queries of literary agents again. Until then, I want to wait until I really, truly feel ready to send it out again. In the process, I will also be making sure the world-building and lore keep well matched between the two works and will be looking forward to getting Scrivener in a few days. Yay! I feel I will have a better time organizing my information within a novel, and not just between novels.

Also, I will not say any more about the U.S. politics other than this: if anyone following me is in the United States, please register to vote if you have not already! Deadlines for this are just around the corner. Please make sure everything is updated on your voters’ registration, as well. People can be pared as ineligible to vote based on whether they keep their information updated.

I will try to do some informal updates here and there as things move along. Please be good to yourselves! It is time I grab a nap before I decide to do something nice this evening, whether that is more writing, treating myself on a lax-calories day or something else altogether!


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