Solace of Empyrean

As I step outside,
The candlelight dies.
Winds ever beckoning;
Spring’s scent it brings.
Where the children play,
Within trees and cascades.
Moonlight glimmers align,
Flowers colour in twilight.

Deepest of treasures,
And pearls of dreams,
Hearts living ever free;
As the gods meant it be.
Wondrous life and souls,
Make the journey home.
Dancing in spirals along,
The stars’ whirling paths.

Caverns without the devil dragons,
Forests kissed by glades of Elysium.
Silt dunes with no scorched earth,
Winter’s Solstice without cruel blight.
Ocean sways, and no more storms,
No spirits plagued with avarice.
And the realms of Heavens,
Of the Eternal Dream.

Our empires fall,
The sacred hidden.
Until night of finale,
Vigil to bring us through.
My eyes to the night sky,
Its illuminating wisdom.
My soul ever searching,
Beyond the rising dawn.

And there it ever was,
A paradise so euphoric.
It glistens like diamonds,
The Solace of Empyrean.

With its light,
Piercing oblivion.
The splendors—
Of the most sacred.
Its essence,
Born of tears,
Shadowed Stars.

“Solace of Empyrean” in its existing, expressed form, is copyrighted by Arya H. “Mariam,” formerly Arya H. “Kalarathri.” (As of July 13, 2019, I changed my pen name.) All rights reserved. © 2017

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