To Never Be Bound

Once upon –
A bitter summer midnight,
The impending –
Strangers dressed as friends,
Wrought chains –
And baleful gazes so deviant.
Inflicted discord –
Naught one mind could forget.

Of unholy hearts –
Colored scorched, as an Abyss,
Intent for binding –
A girl’s soul to an anguished kiss.
Tyrants and borne –
From the blood of our Kindred.
Release not to give –
Their vengeance never so kind.

I dared not to be torn down,
Never to break by their will.
My deliverance ever so dear,
How could I let them win?
Even with promise to be free,
So they may ensnare my spirit?

In their maleficent games,
They saw to the mind’s pain.
With ones thoughts raped,
Body’s scars pale to compare,
They deigned to trap me in –
Unable to keep me descent.

Never would I to be bound,
Forever would I be to fight!
With the heart of rebellion,
Why would I let them win?
Only ever seeking to be free,
Though never by their own –

Never will I ever be bound,
Not succumb to this night.
Welling in my soul the rage,
Of a thousand black furies.
My spirit ceaseless in its fight,
Against the dying of its light.

Never will I be brought down,
Ever surrender to their delight.
Churning within my soul array,
The wrath of a vigilant will rise.

“To Never Be Bound” in its existing, expressed form, is copyrighted by Arya H. “Mariam,” formerly Arya H. “Kalarathri.” (As of July 13, 2019, I changed my pen name.) All rights reserved. © 2017

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