Winter’s Fall

Leaves flourish and descend,
Colours ever so vibrant.
Sun parts the sky so soon,
Thus begins winter’s fall.

Children come and play,
For elders to usher them in.
Much time passes noon,
We now see winter’s fall.

The song of dancing winds,
A breeze’s soothing chill.
Rustling trees that whisper,
Of the Winter’s Solstice.

Glistening soft snowflakes,
Whirling on hidden paths.
Radiant lights in the sun,
Mother Earth can relax—
In winter’s fall.

And soon we will hear,
The song birds of spring.
As ravens resume vigil,
Life’s beauty floundering –
in winter’s fall.

“Winter’s Fall” in its existing, expressed form, is copyrighted by Arya H. “Mariam,” formerly Arya H. “Kalarathri.” (As of July 13, 2019, I changed my pen name.) All rights reserved. © 2016

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